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Our Mentorship Programme is a fast track to become  a professional property investor, securing your future and getting the life you dream of.

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What is the

Momentum Mentorship Programme

Our Common Goal: Buy Your First House and Create Your Passive Income!

We lined up for you a mentor and your professional Power Team to support you during your first purchase. We know that the first purchase might be a bit out of comfort zone. Your mentor (who is a financially free, very experienced property investor) will help you all the way and handhold during the process of setting up your business and of course during the purchase itself. This way you will be able to avoid mistakes that normally can be very costly. Additionally you will get access to mentor’s knowledge and experience which will help you accelerate your learning process. The plan is that after finishing your mentorship programme you will have your business structure, your have your first property in the portfolio and the knowledge and experience you use to duplicate during the next purchase. That is what it means to get a business in the box.

To make it even better we share with you our Power Team – a team of experts within property domain who will help you deliver on this – and next – projects. This way it will be even easier to duplicate this process in the future speeding you up on building your property portfolio. What does Power Team mean exactly? This is the group of people who have different areas of expertise – sourcing agents (the ones who find unique property deals), mortgage brokers (who help you finance your projects), accountants (who help you with your accounts and taxes), currency exchange brokers (who help you with your currency exchange). That’s just to name a few. As you see – they bring an enormous value to your growing business, especially that you will safe you time and help you avoiding unnecessary risks.

Who is the Mentorship Programme for?

If you are willing to tap into the passive income stream through properties, change in your life and get you on your path towards financial freedom. If you understand that going alone is much harder than using a mentor who has been where you are and can help you avoid mistakes.  

This programme is for you!

We understand that you might value your time and peace of mind. That is why we would like to offer you an approach where the majority of work is done for you by creating what we call ‘a business in the box’. What does it mean?

Your first property investment might seem the hardest you ever make...

That's why you need a Mentor

Mentorship is by far the fastest way to success in getting your real estate business of the ground. You multiply your chance of success by having someone who already is where you want to be look over your shoulder and give your feedback as you go along.

Here are 3 main reasons why you would like to have a mentor:

Avoiding costly mistakes. There are plenty of traps awaiting the freshman investor. A newbie investor 'does not know what she/he does not know'. That is probably the biggest trap. Unexpected laws, regulations, practices might cost you a fortune. Small mistakes can lead to problems that would be simple to avoid if you had someone behind your shoulder telling you what you can, should or can't or must not do in a project

Access to contacts and networks: It is likely that your mentor has a phonebook with trusted partners - builders, accountants, mortgage brokers etc. If they don't, they probably didn't do much business. Their contact list (we call it a Power Team) will be a blessing to you. Those partners and contractors will help you deliver your project on time and within a budget. 

Having an accountability partner: We all know how hard is it sometimes to get things done. We know what to do but not always have a courage to take the first step (or the second one). Your mentor will make sure that you follow your promises and keep you on your way towards your goals. 

9 Reasons To Choose Us To Help You On Your Property Journey

Work with a Mentor - an experienced Property Investor

Our Mentors are professional property investors who successfully built a property portfolio in the UK. All our mentors are financially free so they already are where you are aiming to be. All of them experienced obstacles on the way they managed to overcome. All of this to make sure that you get the best help possible. 

Access to Professional Power Team on-site

Success of a property investor relies on a trusted and experienced team of professionals (we call them a Power Team) who, as experts in their domains, will support you on your property journey. The good Power Team is worth a fortune. Such team can make your investment truly save and passive. 


Online Education with over 20h video content + way more!

Together with access to the Team you also get access to our online platform (over 20h of video contents, articles, checklists, personality tests, legal contracts and more!). Our platform will support your mentorship calls with a comprehensive knowledge easy to revisit and available at any time. 

Help with project calculations and due diligence

One of the key elements of investing success is making sure that the property prospect is actually a good investment. We spend a lot of time teaching you how to make a professional, in-depth due diligence and make sure that your investment is top-notch. We handhold you all the way through the project as well

Up to 36 months support in your property purchase!

Our goal is to help you purchase your first house during the mentorship programme (3-6months depending on your pace). Should something happen we guarantee that we will support you through your first deal within 36 months from the moment you start. This way you do not need to stress about the pace. 

Joining the community of other Professional Property Investors

Property investing can be a lonely journey. That's why once you join the programme you get access to our Closed Facebook community built by professional investors, where we help and support each other. From our students experience such community helps to learn faster and makes the property journey more fun!


Access to highly profitable off-market properties

We give our students access to the network of professional property sourcing agents providing the best deals on the market. Our sourcing agents have a long and proven track record and have investing experience. We have a very strong sourcing agent certification process to make sure that the deals you receive are tailor made and safe for you.


Access to document drafts worth thousands of pounds

In the process of property purchase you will need a number of documents that normally need to be written by solicitors. Over the years we have built a database of documents you have access to for free. Just this access to documents will save you thousands of pounds. Of course we work with solicitors to satisfy your specific needs.

Access to latest property market updates

Do you want to time the market or avoid market risks? We know that as an investor you must be well informed about current market conditions. We are constantly monitoring the property market for you.

How it works?
  • We book an initial call (you can book it already here)
  • You take an advanced online course through our e-learning platform (2-7 weeks, own pace)
  • We take an onboarding call - we select a mentor that fits you 
  • You continue education together with your mentor 
  • You meet your Power Team
  • You buy your first property! 

Start investing in properties now. Don't wait to buy a property. Buy a property and wait

The reason we believe in mentors such strongly are our journeys

Please listen to our, founders' of Momentum Property Education stories: 

Daniel & Gisela Wood

It's hard to believe but we super ultra successful in the beginning. We built up a million pound portfolio (in pound terms) in our first year. We started with about 2000 pounds, and we were able to turn that into a million pound portfolio in 12 months. Of course, we had mortgages so I didn't have a net worth of a million pounds in 12 months. I had investors, shareholders and so on but I had built a total portfolio worth 1 million pounds. A lot of people were very impressed, I got interviewed in some online publications about our mountain journey we made. Most people in the UK they only over their lifetime buy maybe one three five properties. And were we, internationals starting with really nothing building a huge portfolio. And the key word here is international. The mentor we had was British. He was an amazing mentor, but there were things he did not know like how to invest in this from a distance, how to project manage remotely, the currency hedging, the international company setups, details on the international tax laws and so on. That he didn't know.

And a lot of that went wrong. After that year of rocking up, it all started to fall apart. It was a very crushing experience. We went to hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt at the end. My accountant called me and said ‘Daniel, I am very sorry to tell you this, but my recommendation is to file for bankruptcy. It's time to throw in the towel’. I asked ‘What does that mean?’ I hadn't been sleeping for months. It was so stressful. Imagine that - from that high to that crushing low... People were calling me asking for their money and for, to pay for the bills and all these things. We were so crushingly in debt... I did not know what to do. My accountant just said ‘well we bankrupt the company, you can just write off all that debt and you start over. You begin everything again‘. It was like someone had given me hope. I wanted to take it but I started thinking... I don't have to pay that debt... that's amazing... because the money was lost... so who has to pay that? And I realized that it’s my investors who would still have to pay that debt. I said to my accountant ‘Well, I can't throw them under the bus. You know they trusted me, they believed in me and they gave me their hard earned money. No, I'm not going to throw them under the bus. I am going to figure this out and repay’.

We're very blessed, we were introduced to some amazing people who helped us turn this around. We started working with Kim Kiyosaki who wrote the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ with her husband Robert Kiyosaki. We started working with Success Resources who introduced us to the Tony Robbins organization, we started working with Randy Zuckerberg. What happened was that all these three came in and they helped us turn around our business. They helped us restructure debt and they helped us do new better deals. The deals that would compensate for the bad ones. And we were able to turn it around. Thanks to them I never had to file for bankruptcy.

Today I have a successful property portfolio. I worked it out. I now, at the time of recording this, own 40 flats, three commercial units, I'm building a hotel, and I'm actually a shareholder in a huge resort that we're building in South Wales. So it's very very exciting. The different things that are going on. And I could never have done it without the support and help. Actually that's a big reason why we're doing this. Why we founded Momentum Property Education.
It's because we were helped, I would never have been here without my first mentor. Yes things didn't go the way we plan, but I would have never started without him. I would have never been able to continue without Kim and without the rest of the team.
Now we are where we are and that's why we are trying to help you in the same way. We are trying to give you what they gave us. Now, with no further delay let's get into the three steps of property investing.

Lukasz Brzyski

I was just a regular guy I worked 9am — 5pm for many years. Actually, I worked 7am — 10pm sometimes when situation required. I also had a boss yelling at me, I was burned out twice.

I was a programmer so being paid a decent salary was giving me a sense of stability (at least sometimes, as you will see in a minute). Additionally, I didn’t know any other way. Nobody in my family knew any other way. So there I was, spending 2 hours in commute everyday (working), taking a hit from my boss, working late, not spending much time with my loved one. I didn’t feel like I was developing much there but everyone is soothed from time to time when work seems rewarding (i.e after finishing the project or meeting the deadline). You can also celebrate it with your colleagues. People you work with are important, right?

Sometimes you get this strange feeling. On one hand you are not entirely happy with the current state but at the same time it’s not itching enough to do something about it. I had dreams about setting up my own business, doing something meaningful, helping others. I wanted to be a raw model to my kids. But I was stuck in a mud.

When my first kid was born my job started to itch me for real for the first time. I couldn’t spend as much time with my family as I would like to. My problem was lack of time for things I value. Since I was a student of personal development for a long time I tried to hack my sleep and to be more productive. I tried to focus on growth. That didn’t help. Additional hit came from my employer laying off of half of the staff — including me. I still remember the meeting when he walked in to the meeting room to announce that I am fired. My boss had a voice full of confidence. He didn’t even leave us a chance for asking questions. He just did his job there and left the room staying locked in his office until end of the day. It was Friday afternoon so he didn’t have to hide long.

That situation hit me hard. I felt exploited after all the effort that I put into this company. But people are strong. So were I. I found another job, my second child was born, I was working late again and situation repeated. And then…. another layoffs, another disappointment, another job seeking.

That was a hard time for me. That was a turning point for me although I didn’t look at it at that time. I remember coming back home once thinking what do to do next. Thoughts were swirling in my head. The idea came unexpectedly. I heard about free evening about investing in properties. That’s how it all started. I started to invest as a side job in the beginning. That added some extra time to my daily duties. Since I didn’t want to do sacrifice time with my family I was learning to invest when everyone went to bed. I was working on property business until midnight only to wake up at 5 and continue. That wasn’t sustainable but if you have enough WHY you are capable of more than you would ever expect.

I continued to work hard both on my next daytime job and my evening investing venture. My property business had ups and downs. The first house I purchased was a full of lessons (because you never fail — you either succeed or learn, right?). For instance one of my partners disappeared pursued by the police and accused of fraud. More or less at the same I over-invested in my projects and went with our family savings to zero. We were literally broke. But that wasn’t the end. You probably won’t believe it but my next employer was downsizing and I was fired. Again. Can you imagine being laid off three times in a row? Although this situation felt surreal and funny those were probably the hardest months of my life. I felt like I hit the wall. I remember coming back home once thinking what do to do next. Thoughts were swirling in my head.

But you know what, this is one of the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I said — “Ok, enough is enough”. I decided to focus fully on my property business. I decided to — despite my financial problems and my third kid that was just born — take a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur. I decided to do whatever it takes to get out that rat race, and finally start doing what I always dreamt of which is helping people. I felt I was ready.

Have you ever heard saying that if you decide something the universe is there to help you? Within a few months I rapidly scaled up my property business and became financially free. I finally got the momentum!

"We learned ourselves the hard way that reinventing the wheel and learning all yourself has absolutely no sense. Why wouldn't you take a hand from someone who knows how to avoid problems? At the same time we learned what kind of help is needed in order to get started. We have been there."

"Our mission at Momentum is to help YOU achieve your dreams.We help you build stable and safe passive income stream through properties to secure their financial situation."

By This Time Next Year You Could Be A Professional Property Investor!

It all depends on you!